Scientific Field


San Diego State College


Geology (Geophysics)


Scripps Inst. of Oceanography


Oceanography(Marine Geophysics)


2010 Research Professor, Earth Research Institute, UCSB


Professor, Department of Earth Science (Geological Sciences), UCSB

2005-2010 Assoc. Dean, Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences, UCSB

1997- 2003

Chair, Department of Geological Sciences, UCSB


Director, Institute for Crustal Studies, UCSB


Acting Director, Institute for Crustal Studies, UCSB


Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, UCSB


Assistant Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, UCSB


Assistant Scientist, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Postgraduate Research Geologist, Scripps Institution of Oceanography


Geophysicist (GS-7), Arctic Science and Technology Laboratory, U. S. Navy Electronics Laboratory Center




Fellow of the Geological Society of America


Co-Recipient, Newcomb Cleveland Prize of AAAS


Distinguished Alumni Award, Department of Geological Sciences, San Diego State University


Antarctic Service Medal, U. S. National Science Foundation, and Department of the Navy


Contributor to Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th edition; article "Ocean Basins"

1984 - present

Named to Who's Who in Technology, American Men and Women of Science

1994 - present

Named to Who's Who in America;
Who's Who in Science and Engineering


Fellow of the American Geophysical Union




NASCO Committee on Marine Geophysical Formats


NAS NRC Working Group on Problems of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Working Group 10-2 of Inter-Union Commission on Geodynamics


member of review comm. for the data center of the Ocean Drilling Program

1991 -

ANTOSTRAT, Antarctic offshore stratigraphy project; Scientific Comm. for Antarctic Research


proposal review Panelist for the U.S. Geological Survey National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program


LIRA; Lithospheric Investigations Ross Sea Area: Scientific Comm. for Antarctic Research


member of UC systemwide Advisory Cttee for the Inst. of Geophysics and Planetary Physics

1998 - 2000 Southern Calif. Integrated GPS Network Coordinating Board
2001- 2008 U.S. Minerals Management Service, Quality Review Board, offshore Santa Maria Basin project
2005- present ANDRILL (Antarctic Drilling) Science Committee


Symposium Manager: 10th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences




GEOLOGY, Editorial Advisor






TECTONOPHYSICS, member of Editorial Board


PAGEOPH, member of Editorial Board


Fellow of the Geological Society of America
Fellow of the American Geophysical Union

Scientist: 1967, TOW MAS cruise in northeast Pacific; 1971, CHAIN cruise 100, Legs 8 and 9 to New Hebrides Island Arc and Solomon Sea; 1971, ALVIN diving operations in the Bahamas; 1972, Leg 26 of Deep Sea Drilling Project, Indian Ocean (with Davies); 1973, KNORR cruise 31 (FAMOUS), Deep Tow Legs 1 and 2 to Mid-Atlantic Ridge; 1976, Leg 49 of Deep Sea Drilling Project, North Atlantic (with Cann); 1979, RISE project ALVIN dives on East Pacific Rise 21°N (with Macdonald and Spiess); 1982-83, high resolution mapping in Santa Barbara Channel; 1996, Nathaniel Palmer cruise 96-01 to the eastern Ross Sea and western Marie Byrd Land (with Bartek); 1998, Kiwi Leg 12 on R/V Roger Revelle to Manihiki Plateau, South Pacific; 2003, 2004 Nathaniel Palmer cruises 03-01 and 03-06 to the Ross Sea (with Bartek, and D.S. Wilson).

Participant: 1962, PROA, geological exploration of western Pacific; 1966, seismic exploration of Hawaiian Arch; 1966, Deep Tow exploration of Hawaiian Arch; 1967-68, Deep Tow investigations off California coast; 1967, sonar search for sunken Roman shipwrecks off coast of Turkey; 1970; SEVEN TOW, Deep Tow exploration of Aleutian Trench; 1978, AMAR-78, ALVIN dives in FAMOUS area; 1987, sonar search for PacBaroness shipwreck; 2005 DELTA submersible and sonar investigations at the Coal Oil Point seep field, Santa Barbara. 2006 Nathaniel Palmer cruise 06-07C to the Chatham Rise, New Zealand.

1978, paleomagnetic studies on the Samail ophiolite, Sultanate of Oman; 1984, 1985, paleomagnetic studies in the Southern Alps and environs, New Zealand; 1989/90 and 1990/91, paleomagnetic and geologic studies in the Ford Ranges, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica. 1992/93 participant in seventh German national Antarctic expedition to Marie Byrd Land.

Marine geophysics, plate tectonics, paleomagnetism, paleooceanography and paleoclimate, exploration geophysics, southern California, West Antarctica tectonics and glacial history, marine hydrocarbon seeps.




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